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Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

This fall we asked families to share their thoughts via an abbreviated Family Satisfaction Survey. The results confirmed many strengths including the following:
  • I feel this school exhibits a welcoming environment. (92%)
  • This school has a feeling of community and pride. (89.7%)
  • This school is doing a good job teaching students to be responsible citizens. (86.2%)
  • The total educational program in this school is of high quality. (82.8%)
The information gleaned from this survey will also be used by our site-based leadership council, the Knights of the Round Table, and ​other school based ​groups as we continue our collaborative work on various school improvement initiatives. ​If you would like to view the results in their entirety they can be found here. ​ ​

The Fall Satisfaction Survey will also be a​ focus of discussion at our next Coffee with the Principal which will take place on the morning of Friday, January 26, starting 9:15AM. Please note that for the first time ever we will be streaming this interaction via Facebook live. In order to participate remotely, go to our school Facebook page. Comments or questions can be posted in the video section, and we will do our best to address.